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Event: Elizabeth Rowe

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12-4PM 28TH APRIL 2012


Turn up, Tune in and Cut Out for one of Elizabeth Rowe’s collage parties. Piles and piles of newspapers, magazines and posters are just waiting to be torn up and turned into a spectacular collage of monumental dimensions.

Elizabeth  works with printed matter and found materials to create collages, and now she invites you to come along and experiment. With reference to the Dada and Surrealist movements, Elizabeths practice is low-fidelity, low budget form of appropriation from the world of visual culture, where overlaps, ruptures and spillages of meaning open spaces between public and private and make connections between the global and the local. Her most recent works are an on-going series of newspaper drawings in which the artist takes imagery published in newspapers and magazines and draws, paints or prints over them in intricate and interesting ways. The resulting images are quite different from their original sources, usually transforming something from the already extraordinary world into something even more spectacular.

 Below film footage of Elizabeth Rowe collage party for EC Arts to kick start the 48Sheet programme in November 2011. 

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