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Artist talk: Stephen Brandes

Posted on March 26, 2012 | No Comments

2-2.40PM 19 APRIL 2012


Stephen Brandes will talk about his impressive portfolio of work process and the inspiration behind his 48Sheet commission in the context of his practice. Illustrations and examples of Stephen Brandes’ work will provide a visual backdrop to the talk. ‘We are staying at the intercontinental’ is inspired by George Perec’s ’243 Postcards in Real Colour’, which published writings from the reverse sides of holiday postcards. In marrying the ‘matter of factness’ of the text with absurd images presenting a hand rendered portrait of an impossible civilisation, the aim is to address our differing perspectives on unfamiliar cultures with a measured mixture of both humour and poignancy.

Stephen Brandes’ practice explores visual language, often interplayed with word, as a vehicle for storytelling, employing a range of materials, from monumental drawings on flooring vinyl to digitally designed posters and collages.

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