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Billboards are not safe. 7 days and counting..

Posted on March 26, 2012 | No Comments

On April 2nd, the city will be abuzz with large scale art replacing advertising billboards.

Up to 100 billboards around Birmingham are waiting to have their traditional adverts pasted over by the exciting artwork of established and emerging artists both local and international.  Above image is a sneak preview of 48Sheet artwork by artist Steve Rosenthal (London).

From the 2nd April come down to the 48 Sheet project space at the Mailbox to find out more about the project; utilise the online map we have created to locate the billboards; whether on foot or bike there will be a route for you to feast on this banquet of art without missing a thing. Quiet & busy corners of the city will now be alive with the monumental images, and four of the artists will be creating live 3D installs.  Keep an eye on our Programme and on twitter @48SHEET_ for updates and information.

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