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Raqs Media Collective – #48Sheet tour

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Raqs Media Collective (Delhi) were commissioned for 48Sheet in partnership with the Ikon Gallery, Birmingham. Jonathan Watkins, Ikon Director  has worked with Raqs Media Collective previously, and together with Professor Jiehong Jiang, Director of Chinese Visual Arts, Birmingham Institute of Art & Design are both co curators of the Fourth Guangzhou Triennial. 

Whenever the Heart Skips a Beat (Street) is a new work by the Raqs Media Collective (Delhi) – here;  an array of billboards is scattered across the urban landscape of Birmingham.  Each billboard shows a clock-face that features a set of words instead of  numbers in order to indicate the hours. The words are pairs of adjectives and  nouns that qualify each other. Every clock-race features two words or phrases  that relate to each other in counter-point,. Taken together, the billboards  produce a set of permutations and combinations of states of mind and being  through an invocation of the actions of the hour and minute hands in a clock.

LocationJewellery Quarter B19 1QY (Cluster 16)

ArtistsRaqs Media Collective

photographs by Leah Carless

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