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Faith Pearson

Posted on April 25, 2012 | No Comments

A beautiful collage by Faith Pearson can currently be seen on display in the 48Sheet space. With the help of children from Calthorpe School and Alderman Bowen, Faith created this mixed media piece that depicts an African child playing with a toy. Collecting discarded materials that she finds in the street to create images and constructions that tell stories of human survival, ancient, urban and worldwide, Faith Pearson is passionate about the relationship between creativity and play, and involving young people in her work is key.

Faith Pearson’s ‘Village’ Project was exhibited at ‘Counterpoint’ in Shoreditch during the Platforma Festival 2011. For this she recreated in miniature specific refugee camps and other areas of poverty such as shanty towns and slums. Each place is a seperate ‘island’ with it’s own specific methods of shelter construction using whatever is at hand. It presents the idea of one race, we are all connected. The islands are all linked by strips of land suggesting the first journeys taken by humans across the earth.

There are no humans present in the models, but amongst the shelters are evidence of childen’s play and hand made toy vehicles and kites. The scale of the work invites detailed inspection encouraging the viewer to explore individual homes.

‘My experience is of working with refugee children and their families alongside families from communities into which they are settling. I engage them in creative and play activities such as kite making and toys and games. The activities are designed to encourage sharing across different cultures and experiences.’

Faith Pearson is holding a Shanty Town Workshop at the 48Sheet Space on the 27th April, so why not come down and get involved; it looks set to be fun for children and adults of all ages.

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