Faith Pearson

A beautiful collage by Faith Pearson can currently be seen on display in the 48Sheet space. With the help of children from Calthorpe School and Alderman Bowen, Faith created this mixed media piece that depicts an African child playing with a toy. Collecting discarded materials that she finds in the street to create images and constructions that tell stories of human survival, ancient, urban and worldwide, Faith Pearson is passionate about the relationship between creativity and play, and involving young people in her work is key.

Faith Pearson’s ‘Village’ Project was exhibited at ‘Counterpoint’ in Shoreditch during the Platforma Festival 2011. For this she recreated in miniature specific refugee camps and other areas of poverty such as shanty towns and slums. Each place is a seperate ‘island’ with it’s own specific methods of shelter construction using whatever is at hand. It presents the idea of one race, we are all connected. The islands are all linked by strips of land suggesting the first journeys taken by humans across the earth.

There are no humans present in the models, but amongst the shelters are evidence of childen’s play and hand made toy vehicles and kites. The scale of the work invites detailed inspection encouraging the viewer to explore individual homes.

‘My experience is of working with refugee children and their families alongside families from communities into which they are settling. I engage them in creative and play activities such as kite making and toys and games. The activities are designed to encourage sharing across different cultures and experiences.’

Faith Pearson is holding a Shanty Town Workshop at the 48Sheet Space on the 27th April, so why not come down and get involved; it looks set to be fun for children and adults of all ages.

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Eliot’s Loop


Keen cyclist and self proclaimed ‘non-artist’ Eliot (?) is the man with the brilliant mind that devised the cycle route for 48Sheet. After hearing about the project, Eliot was fascinated by the concept of outdoor art that encourages people to explore the city at the same time as looking at the work. As someone who cycles alot in the countryside and purposely avoids the city centre, the project struck a chord with Eliot. Eliot found out an aim of the project was to create 48Sheet routes for people to explore the city and wanted to get involved; he considered the billboard sites and how a person could optimise their experience of Birmingham by cycling from one board to another.

Eliot set out to ‘map’ the routes keen to support the project as a cycling enthusiast to encourage others to get on their bikes! Eliot cycled through areas of Birmingham that he had only ever passed through on the bus the experience opened up his eyes to the rich history and plethora of beautiful buildings  that are present within the city, the different vantage points of the cities skyline just waiting to be discovered. And then there are the canals; every Brummy knows that this city has More Canals Than Venice, but how many people have actually explored them? Eliot thought it would be wonderful to allow some hidden canals to reveal themselves to unsuspecting cyclists, along the way encountering unknown buildings and secret spaces, as well as the ubiquitous billboards. From here, Eliot’s Loop was born, a 12.5 mile tour that incorporates all of the billboards as well as an inner city adventure.

Eliot created opportunities for convenient stop offs along the way, such as the Spotted Dog in Digbeth and the Rose Villa Tavern in the Jewellery Quarter, where you can sup some hard earned refreshments. Eliot has treated some eager cyclists to a tour recently. Some of them are native Brummies and others have no knowledge of the city atall, but everyone discovered something new along the way. So give it a go! Strap on a helmet, hop on a bike and see what hidden corners of the city are yet to be uncovered. 

48Sheet are very grateful to Eliot Davies for creating the routes and Andy Robinson for translating the information into a map!


Above image: The Spotted Dog

Words by Cat Dickie

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48Sheet Event

Thank you to everyone who gathered on Thursday evening to celebrate 48Sheet; artists, members of the public and 48Sheet associates traveled from far and wide to join in with the excitement.

48Sheet ‘pop up’ project space was intended for artists to talk, respond, create and collaborate. By Thursday 19th April it had culminated into a gallery of the project.  48Sheet artists exhibiting their work as part of the project and new work in response to the project space. Artwork by Faith Pearson, Ian Richards, Tidal Grace, Tom Tebby and Lee Crutchley was on display, as well as work by emerging artists and Birmingham Institute of Art & Design students James Gill, Leah Carless and Dan Cooper, alongside the fabulous Papergirl Birmingham exhibition launching on 24th April 2012.  

Above image: Stephen Brandes (Cork) artists talk earlier in the day

In the evening, the space began to fill up again, and with all of the incredible artwork dotted around, and a DJ set by Tim Felton it was the perfect setting to mingle, chat and be merry.  

48Sheet Advisory Board members and project partners Professor Chris O’Neil, Executive Dean of Birmingham Institute of Art & Design and Glenn Howells, Director & Founder of Glenn Howells Architects also Chairman of Ikon and EC Arts Director and creator of 48Sheet Claire Farrell gave speeches thanking the artists and project sponsors.

Waiting outside The Mailbox were two Double Decker vintage Midland Red buses supplied by Richard Gray and Aston Manor Transport Museum with Albert driving the magnificent vehicles;  the perfect way to view the billboard tour ensuring people unable to cycle or walk the route could participate.

The artist works exhibited on the billboards were the center of attention, the bus toured one small city centre route approximately 40 mins of fun. The drivers parked up where possible along the way, giving everyone a chance to file off and have a closer look at the artworks and sip their ‘Artisan’ cocktails, courtesy of Julian Rose-Gibbs and Bitters & Twisted  The Victoria, who provided the bar for the event. A brilliant evening all round, everyone at 48Sheet is delighted with the turnout.

The space is still open 10-5pm Monday-Saturday until Saturday 28th April.  Drop in and see us; its a great way for those unable to walk or cycle the entire route to come in and find out more about the project.  We are also very much ‘children friendly’ with some drawing activities with OHP’s available daily! With one week left there’s still time to come in and have a browse.

video by Craig Bush

photography by Leah Carless
words by Cat Dickie

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Collaborative Paste Up With Edible Eastside

Open: 12-5pm, Thursday-Saturday

Venue: Grand Union Canal, Fazley Street 

48Sheet featured artists Faith Pearson and Candice Smith have been invited by Edible Eastside (EE) and K4 Architects to utilise old 48Sheet posters by pasting them onto a disused shipping container. Starting Friday 20th April with Faith Pearson, and Saturday 21st with Candice Smith.

Edible Eastside looks like the start of a very interesting long term project, based on Fazely Street. The shipping container and EE site is right in the middle of the 48Sheet digbeth route and can be seen from two vantage points. 

Edible Eastside would like to invite you to get involved, find out more about the project and have a cup of tea, join them Thursday – Saturday weekly between 12-5pm.

Edible Eastside is currently developing its identity and purpose through exchange and enquiry setting out an opportunity to rework a vacant concrete space into a hub for planting and growing. There are no fixed outcomes for the space and here it is appropriate that as the space develops itself so does a series of projects, that run in tandem with the growth of Edible Eastside its partner projects.

To have a look at the Edible Eastside Flikr, click Here

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Artist Lee Crutchley #48Sheetvisit


Lee Crutchley has been in the 48Sheet space, painting some of his trademark artwork onto the walls in response to #48Sheet and Papergirl Bham. We’re very excited about the newest addition to the space and would like to thank Lee Crutchley very much for taking the time to do this.

Keep an eye out for more work by Lee Crutchley with EC-Arts in 2012…

Have a look at his fabulous book, Quoteskine Volume. 1Here


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prep for events

The 48Sheet space has been a hive of activity recently, with preparations being made for the launch event. With all hands on deck, the space is now looking ready to host some of our April events, as well as being a delightful place to come and have a look at some stunning artworks. 


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Event: Papergirl Night

7.30-10-30PM 24th APRIL 2012


Come on down to the 48Sheet project space on Tuesday twenty fourth of April and immerse yourself in fun arty things! Adorning the walls will be the delightful array of Papergirl Brum submissions Twenty Twelve.

⋆ FREE thirst quenchings and nibbles – Homemade cake, sweeties, biscuits, and tea

⋆ Doodle desk, Spirograph mastering, spoke card makings and stuff

⋆ FREE Documentary film screening ‘Roadsworth’ 9pm

Roadsworth Synopsis: Crossing the Line details a Montreal stencil artist’s clandestine campaign to make his mark on the city streets. As he is prosecuted at home and celebrated abroad, Roadsworth struggles to defend his work, define himself as an artist and address difficult questions about art and freedom of expression. (72mins) Click here for the Trailer 

Bicycle friendly space – feel free to ride right in!!

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OHP: You Know You Want To


A big thank you, yet again, to Craig Bush for documenting the OHP craze that has erupted in the 48Sheet space. Members of the public of all ages have been unable to resist the urge to pen an OHP drawing, and we have been projecting them onto the walls.

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Street Photography: Darren Rye

Photographer Darren Rye is passionate about unearthing the hidden beauty secreted within city streets, and documenting them photographically for the UK Photography Community of Google+ . Wandering around Birmingham, Darren has been capturing the 48Sheet Project and has  collected some magnificent shots.  This is just a preview, see the entire catalogue of 48Sheet images here.  Thank you Darren and to everyone who has taken the time to photograph the billboards.  We hope to post more images soon!

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48Sheet Photography Competition: And Winner Is…

 Birmingham {Viewpoint} and Birmingham Loves Photographers have received some magnificent photographs for the 48Sheet Photography Project, and after a lot of consideration, a winner has been selected: Congratulations and many thanks to Helen Ogbourn, who sent us the above image of a Raqs Media Collective billboard.

A big thank you to everyone who submitted work, we really enjoyed your photographs. Click here to see all of the submissions. 

Birmingham Loves Photographers was created to connect those with a passion for cameras across the West Midlands, giving a place where anyone can get inspired and share work their work; regardless of style, knowledge and experience

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