Dan Cooper

Event: Once Upon A Time

4-9PM 21st APRIL 2012




















After the Screen Printing Workshop with Jim O’ Raw, we highly recommend heading over to Six Eight Kafe at around 4pm for what looks like a really exciting art filled day with the opening night of the fantastical Once Upon a Time exhibition, a series of artworks based around a fairytale theme. Treat yourself to a coffee and explore the plethora of new prints, live art and fanzines on display; its the perfect way for a budding printmaker to unwind. 

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Video: Ben Long (London)

Craig Bush managed to get a cheeky glimpse of Ben Long’s work being pasted up, and has used it to create this fantastic video montage.

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Event: Royal Society for Arts

5.30-8pm 26th APRIL 2012



The April event for the Royal Society of Arts Birmingham Network will take place in the 48Sheet project space, members of the public are also welcome to attend but please RSVP to info@ec-arts.com to book a space.

EC Arts’  project Dead Space was supported and sponsored by the  RSA West Midlands region last year.  #48Sheet have invited RSA Fellows to hear more about the #48Sheet project and to utilise the space as a forum for discussion around the RSA West Midlands 2012/13 citizenship agenda.

Fellows will also be invited to ‘get involved’ and take over the studio walls using EC Arts 2012 trademark OHP’s….

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Highgate cluster 6

Between Tom Tebby’s striking, fractured imagery and Mark Murphy and Craig Earp’s layered vibrant collage, the billboards offer a stark contrast against the urban landscape, brightening up Highgate Bridge for the daily commuters.  

Tom Tebby

Inspired by inner-city sprawl, discarded objects, architectural foliage and influenced by Avant Garde posters and decollage, the familiar and mundane are transformed into unexpected environments.

Mark Murphy and Craig Earp

Rips reveal onion skinned layers of images and messages that create juxtapositions of style and colour, weaving accidental narratives.As the billboard medium is traditionally used for ‘slickly selling stuff’, the piece aims to create an intricate but eye catching piece, which does not demand its viewers to consume anything other than a visual joy. I wonder what the driver of the 8A thinks…

Shail Belani

Portraying the human form aesthetically and contextually, ‘Flying Colours’ reflects pride happiness and spirit.

Gerard Hanson

Gerard Hanson’s recent work focuses on personal image.Inspired by the fact that entering the realm of the salon transports one from Soho road in Birmingham to Kingston in Jamaica, the artist observes a community engaged in a welcome social disparity, celebrating their culture within the wider context of the city.

Dan Burnwood

‘I Live Here’ by Dan Burwood is a direct response to documentary images of people regularly featured within advertising campaigns. Stylised, supersized simulacra of individuals, peopling our imaginations, our subconscious, intended to evoke desires and suggestions we barely notice consciously, let alone understand.


Location: Highgate

Artists: Tom TebbyMark Murphy and Craig EarpShail BelaniGerard Hanson

photographs by Leah Carless

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Billboards at Dusk: Cluster 8


Helen Sweeting’s Irish inspired billboards look stunning and romantic after dark; the outdoors is a 24 hour gallery!

Its easy to see why Louise Williams ‏ @thelouwilliams tweeted:
“One of the only good things about my 2am drive was seeing some of the new @48SHEET_ billboards”

Steve Parsons‘ ‘Curiosity’ is nocturnal; look how the text leaps out under the light.


Location: Eastside

Artists: Steve ParsonsHelen Sweeting

Photographs by Leah Carless

Words by Catriona Dickie

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Elizabeth Rowe – Dusk: Cluster 5

Theres no need to confine your billboard watching to the daylight hours. Elizabeth Rowes images look magnificent, illuminated against the overcast sky. The bright, zesty colours glow amid the clouds in an almost other worldly fashion. It’s magic. 


Location: Hayden/Highgate 

Artist: Elizabeth Rowe

photography by Leah Carless

words by Catriona Dickie

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#48Sheet pop up project space


Feeling creative? Visit us at the 48Sheet pop up project space at the Mailbox, pen your own OHP doodle and have a chat. Families, artists and curious members of the public have been streaming in and out to pick up a 48Sheet map, and to look around the collection of curiosities on display at the space; from original artworks by Ian Richards, Matt Watkins, Tom Tebby, Steve Rosenthal, Faith Pearson, Steve Parsons, Tidal Grace and Glenn Anderson, illustrations by artists created at the March OHP Draw off event as part of Flatpack Festival to the fabulous Papergirl exhibition. 

Above main projection by Lawrence Roper

photography by Leah Carless

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Ben Long (London)




Location:  St Chads B19 3LG Cluster 14

ArtistBen Long

In ‘Moving Landscapes’, Ben Long (London) digitally manipulates images of historically significant 19th century oil landscapes using motion blur techniques, commenting on the high velocity of modern day living.

Moving Landscapes – (after John Constable), 2012, Digital print on advertising billboard 610 x 305 cm Installation view, Old Snow Hill, Birmingham Commissioned by EC Arts

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Raqs Media Collective – #48Sheet tour

Raqs Media Collective (Delhi) were commissioned for 48Sheet in partnership with the Ikon Gallery, Birmingham. Jonathan Watkins, Ikon Director  has worked with Raqs Media Collective previously, and together with Professor Jiehong Jiang, Director of Chinese Visual Arts, Birmingham Institute of Art & Design are both co curators of the Fourth Guangzhou Triennial. 

Whenever the Heart Skips a Beat (Street) is a new work by the Raqs Media Collective (Delhi) – here;  an array of billboards is scattered across the urban landscape of Birmingham.  Each billboard shows a clock-face that features a set of words instead of  numbers in order to indicate the hours. The words are pairs of adjectives and  nouns that qualify each other. Every clock-race features two words or phrases  that relate to each other in counter-point,. Taken together, the billboards  produce a set of permutations and combinations of states of mind and being  through an invocation of the actions of the hour and minute hands in a clock.

LocationJewellery Quarter B19 1QY (Cluster 16)

ArtistsRaqs Media Collective

photographs by Leah Carless

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